Women’s Race Team Roster 2021

Elaine Finley
Bike: Specialized Amira
USA Cycling Category: Cat 4
Racing: 2 years
Why did I start racing: July 2017 Kellie Nellson needed a roommate for Davy Crockett Race. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Basically I would say Curiosity & a new post Ironman challenge drove me to this sport.
Favorite Part of Racing: Spending the weekends in small obscure TX towns with like minded people.
Favorite Race Type: Time Trials & Criterium
Favorite Bike Food: Clif Bloks, Homemade & BeBold Bars
Advice to new racers: Ride for Fun & Ride for Intensity. Never eat new foods before or on race day, bring at least 2 water bottles for road races & ALWAYS finish the race!

Kelci Molina
Bike: Pinarello DOGMA F10
USA Cycling Category: Cat 3
Racing: 3 years
Why did I start racing: Friend from work (Todd Finley)
Favorite Part of Racing: Teamwork/Family Environment
Favorite Race Type: Criterium
Favorite Bike Food: Granola like bars and chewy gummies
Advice to new racers: Watch what is happening a few bikes ahead and not just the wheel in front of you

Kellie Nelson
Bike: S Works Amira
USA Cycling Category: Cat 3
Racing: 4 years
Why did I start racing: ????
Favorite Part of Racing: ????
Favorite Race Type: Road Races & Time Trials
Favorite Bike Food: Clif Bloks, Stinger waffles, pickle juice
Advice to new racers: Go for it! Don’t let fear keep you from doing something you might really enjoy

Shawnita Sterett
Bike: Trek Emonda, Salsa Warbird
USA Cycling Category: Cat 4
Racing: 2 years
Why did I start racing: All my friends were doing it
Favorite part of racing: Race weekends away with the team
Fav Race Type: GRAVEL! & Road Races
Favorite bike food: Sour patch kids Advice to new racers/racers: Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the more experienced.

Mary Goodell
Bike: Cannondale SuperSix EVO
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5
Racing: 3 years
Why did I start racing: Kellie encouraged me to try it out and I am always looking for ways to challenge myself.
Favorite part of racing: Being a part of a team and the encouragement that everyone gives each other.
Fav Race Type: Time Trials
Favorite bike food: SiS Energy Gels Advice to new racers: Keep challenging yourself and push your limits. It will make you stronger! Always ask questions from experienced racers and learn something from every race/ride.

Nikki Marvin
Bike: 2014 Specialized Amira Comp
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5
Racing: 2 years
Why did I start racing: thought it would be fun and challenging
Favorite part of racing: the whole experience
Fav Race Type: I like Crits and TTs
Favorite bike food: I don’t really eat on the bike but when I do my favorite are the Lemon Raspberry Skratch bars. Advice to new racers: Racing is serious fun, try not to be so serious that you don’t have fun. Just remember if you want something you have to put in the work.

Jonna Uibel
Bike: Specialized Road & Mtn Bikes, Salsa Gravel Bike
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5 (New to Road Races)
Why did I start racing: I started racing Mountain bikes when I was 21 years old when I lived up in Whistler/Blackholm Canada. You paid a “loonie” ($1) to race and the winner got the all all the loonies! My specialty is endurance races.
Favorite part of racing: I love the comradery, competition and motivation it gives you to keep training.
Favorite Race Type: Mountain bike endurance races & Road Racing. Here in Texas I want to get into Gravel racing.
Favorite bike food: Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids – Orange Vanilla. I love these so much that I have to be careful not to eat them when I’m “just home” haha
Advice to new racers: 1) Don’t stress out, It’s really all just for Fun! 2) They key to a good race is your hydration & nutrition so know your plan ahead of time for the race.

Bike: Specialized Ruby
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5
Racing: 0 years (I’m a newbie!)
Why did you start racing: I have not ever raced in my life. But I think I can start and would be a nice challenge.
Favorite part of racing: I don’t know yet but will find out soon!
Fav Race Type: Road
Favorite bike food: Don’t have one yet, still exploring and trying out many things that friends recommended
Advice to new racers: oh my, I sure don’t have one and will not able to give an advice, but I will take an advice from all you experts!

Michelle Hansard
Bike: Pinarello Dogma F8 USA Cycling Category: Cat 4
2 years
Why did I start racing:
It sounded awesome
What do I like best about racing:
Winning, the community. Meeting pros.
Fav Race Type:
Crit. USA crit series in particular
Favorite bike food:
gummy snacks Advice to new racers: train hard and just do it but hold your line.

Jin Koh
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5 
Racing: 2 years
Why did I start racing:
Favorite part of racing:
Fav Race Type: 
Favorite bike food:
Advice to new racers:

Myrna Ramirez
Bike: Canyon Aeroad SLX 9.0
USA Cycling Category:Cat 5
Why did you start racing: I have always practiced sports and I was a professional volleyball player. I like competing and pushing through my limits. My husband signed me up for my first race and I liked it.
Favorite part of racing: The adrenaline and tactics
Fav Race Type: Crits
Favorite bike food: Cliff peanut butter and chocolate bars
Advice to new racers: Just enjoy the ride and push a little harder every time