Men’s Masters 35+ (Beginner/CAT4 Riders)
Captain: Joe Szeremet
Co-Captain: Scott Weismann
Lyniate/RBM largest team with approximately 40 team members.  This is Cat 4/5 team with riders of all skill levels from beginner to racers with many years of experience but returning back to racing after a long break.  Racers in this category must be 35 years old or older (race age: birthday age during that race year) 
The beginners on this team get the advantage of learning from the more experience team mates during the weekly group rides.  The team can also get skill classes to teach or refresh all the members on the different skills that will help in racing. 
The team also breaks away from the other teams to do team rides to learn team tactics and practice them also.  Examples of training rides are practicing pacelines, Echelons, Attack and chase, etc.
This team attempts to attend all TXBRA races on the schedule (In 2019 we had a showing in all races).  The 35+ has won team point for 2017,2018, and 2019 (TXBRA has removed the team points, but we still keep track for our team to help us reach higher goals as a team.)  For the Individual TXBRA point, we strive to get as many of our teammates to the top positions. 
Men’s Masters 40+ (Elite Riders CAT 1- CAT4)
Captain: Seth Pelusi
This team would be considered our strongest team which is made up of the strongest members of Lyniate/RBM.  The team is lead by Seth Pelusi and includes champions such as John Marazak, and Josue Ramos (J.R.).
Men’s Masters 50+ (Age 50 and older CAT 1 – CAT 4)
Captain: Paul (Doc) Waller
A newly formed team for 2019 which had a successful first year out.  Members of this team must be 50+ Racing age and a minimum of CAT 4 (CAT 3 and up Preferred).  For the 2020 race season, the team continues to grow and will be led by Paul Waller.
Men’s Masters 60+
Captain: Brad House
This team is a newly formed team which will start racing in 2020.  The team is led by Brad House and will have some of the strongest 60+ guys around.