Club Rides

Please check Frisco Cycling Club & Lyniate/RBM Racing | Facebook for up to date information on the following rides. Ride time and routes may change during the year due to weather and lighting and road conditions. Rides that are for members only or for race training only are not listed.

No Drop Rides

FCC G.O.A.T. ride: [Monday, 6:30 pm, Location: Lebanon Trail High School, Speed: 19-21mph avg, Distance: 36.7 miles] Whether it’s “Froome, Sagan or even Cavendish, one thing is definitely indisputable…CYCLING is the true G.O.A.T. Assembled is the best of all the roads to offer the Greatest (experience)Of All Time.
Come ride “The G.O.A.T”. What to expect: “Smooth like Butta baby” A leisurely stroll to close to Fairview. We travel south through Allen into Waters Creek into Plano.

FCC KOM Ride: [Wednesday 6:30 pm, Location: RBM-Frisco Parking Lot, Speed: 19-21 mph avg,Distance: 39.6 miles]
This is a ride of a few rolling hills with just enough balance of elevation and speed to make you feel like you accomplished something at the end. This is a paceline focused ride.

FCC The Free Wheeler: [Saturday, 7:00 am, Check Facebook for details] A fast paced ride with an extended length. Averages will typically come in between 20-21 mph. The group of ride leaders dedicated to the ride will create different adventures throughout the metroplex based on the wind and weather. Ride lengths will vary between 60-100+ miles. Ride details will be posted to the FCC Facebook page weekly prior to the ride. If you like variety in your riding experiences, then this is the group for you. This is not a race ride. It is a fast steady paced group workout to boost your endurance and test your limits.

FCC The Main Event : [Saturday 7am, Location: Frisco RBM, Pace: 19 (+/-1)mph ] This is an open ride for anyone interested in group riding. No registration required, just show up. We will be leaving from Bike Mart (formerly RBM) in Frisco.

FCC The Edge: [Sundays, 6:30pm, Location: Frisco RBM, Speed: 19-21mph avg, Distance: 30 miles] Come, join me in the excitement of riding “THE EDGE”. This ride will NOT disappoint. It’s 30 miles of twists and turns on pristine roads through and around neighborhoods in Frisco

Drop Rides /Training Rides

FEAR Ride: [Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 am, Location: corner of 4th Army and Stonebrook] An eye opener ride that loops around in Frisco. The average pace is around 22 mph and normally starts at full speed once the rubber hits the pavement.

FEAR’less Humpday: [Wednesday 5:30 am, Location: corner of 4th Army and Stonebrook] Another eye opener ride at a much more relaxed pace compared to Fear.

CAN TT Ride: [Wednesday 6:00 pm, Location: Frisco RBM]
Get your weekly TT training. Nice steady pace at a 20+ average. Road bikes are also welcome to join.

OPP Ride (Other People Peloton): [Thursdays 6:30 pm, Location: Mocha & Javas parking lot (Eldorado and Legacy)] The ride covers a 30 mile loop on the east side of Frisco.  The average pace is around 22 mph and eventually makes it way out to the Tribute Golf Course before returning to the coffee shop.

The North Ride:  [Saturday 7:00 am, Location: Lone Star High School] and follows a 70ish mile route north through some rolling hills in Prosper, Celina, Weston, and McKinney.  The pace is brisk and will contain some regular sprint zones for those who wish to exert a little extra.  This route rolls through a section of rollers offering a challenging set of small hills. Times and Routes may change but will be posted on our Frisco Cycling Facebook Page.

TNT Ride (Tuesday Night Training/Torture): [Tuesday 6:30 pm, Location: RBM McKinney]. This ride can be ridden by all skill levels supported in our club. The main goal of this ride is for the individuals to push to the limits and practice some interval training. The group will ride to the practice loop at a warmup pace and return at a recovery pace. In the practice loop, it is keep up or get dropped. The riders will regroup after every lap and wait for 3 to 5 minutes. Any longer and you’re on your own until 8 pm at the final regroup location to head back to the shop.

FCC Steady Sunday: [ Sunday 7:30 am, Location: Lone Start HIgh School] A Steady paced ride for those recovering from the North Ride and those wanting a hard but steady power.