Club Ride Etiquette

  1. Safety of the group is the highest priority.
  2. Listen to the Ride Leader!!! He/She is in charge of the group.
  3. Obey the rules of the road. Don’t run red lights and stop signs.
  4. Stay in a single lane. This mean don’t jump into the next lane just to pass.
  5. If there is a go zone, sprint only when safe. Slower riders move to the right and let people overtake on the left.
  6. Call out road hazards if someone could wipe from hazard.
  7. Choose your ride wisely. This club support A pace rides, Race training type rides, drop and no drop type rides.
  8. If you need to drop, inform the ride leader or let someone know to inform the ride leader.
  9. For the safety of the group,
    • no headset for listening to music or talking.
    • no filming with your phone in one hand.
  10. If you don’t agree with the ride leader, please discuss at the end of the ride.
  11. Respect your neighbor! We all just want to enjoy the ride.
  12. Must be 18 years of age or older.