Men’s 35+ Race Team Roster 2021

Carsten Cruse
Bike: Canyon Aeroad CFR 9.0 DI2, Canyon Speedmax SL 8 DI2; Giant TCR Advanced
USA Cycling Category: Cat 4
Racing: Bike 2 years
Why did you start racing: Steve ask me to help out at a Team Time Trial in Hempstead, and I was hooked …
Favorite part of racing: Spending the weekend with like minded (kinda crazy) people and winning ?
Favorite Race Type: Time Trial and Crit
Favorite bike food: Rice cake (homemade) and E-fuel from Cranksport
Advice to new racers: Start by watching experienced racers, then use what you learned. But most important: have FUN.

Shane Sterett
Bikes: 2019 Cannondale SuperSix Evo HM, 2019 Santa Cruz Stigmata,
 2013 Quintana Roo CD0.1
Experience: 2 years
Favorite: Long Road Races and Gravel races
Food: SIS bars and little Debbie chocolate rounds
Advice: work on your turns, very important!
Why: wanted to try one race for the experience, then they pull you in.

Scott Weismann
Bike: Trek Emonda SL7
USA Cycling Category:
Cat 4
Why did you start racing:   
I wanted to challenge myself physically and mentally to see just how far I could push myself
Favorite part of racing:
 I love to analyze the course and weather to help maximize my efforts
Fav Race Type:
Road and Time Trial
Favorite bike food:
Fig Bars
Advice to new racers:
Have fun but continue to work on your skills!  Learn to ride smoothly in a pack, the proper way to corner, hold your line, and know your own strengths and weaknesses so you can keep improving.

Steve Whitley

Mike McKee
Bike: Specialized Tarmac
USA Cycling Category: Cat 4 (Road), Cat 2 (Track)
Why did you start racing: Started riding with a local club and some of those riders convinced me to try racing
Favorite part of racing: The competition and working as a team
Favorite Race Type: Criterium and Track
Favorite bike food: Cliff Bar
Advice to new racers: Focus on bike handling skills. The speed will come.

Dezell Turner
Bike: Giant TCR
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5
Racing: 35+
Why did you start racing? I started racing for the challenge it present each time I get on the bike. I enjoy using bike handling skills required for riding in close proximity to other riders at high speeds, while being physically taxed. Most of all I enjoy the comradery of a team and community.
Favorite part of the race: Intermediate section, hanging on the surges or breakaways attempts
Favorite Race Type: Road Race
Favorite Bike Food: Peanut butter Clif bar, SIS gel
Advice to new racers: If you get dropped, keep showing up and just go a bit farther.

JoeN Bikes
Bike: Madone SLR X
USA Cycling Category: CAT 4
Racing: Road
Why did you start racing: To challenge myself physically and mentally.
Favorite part of racing: Curving out a breakaway group.
Favorite Race Type: Road race
Favorite bike food: Granola Bars.
Advice to new racers: Know your strengths, be prepared to challenge yourself and others.

Erick Van Houten
Bike: Tarmac
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5
Why did you start racing: Crippled my arm in Tennis, so let’s cripple my knees on the bike
Favorite part of racing: Suffering
Favorite Race Type: Crit
Favorite bike food: Gas station cookie
Advice to new racers: Protect your wheel. If it’s hurting you it’s hurting them.

William Warthon
Bike: Scott Addict 15
USA Cycling Category: Cat 4/5
Racing: 2 Years
Why did you start racing: I was initially hesitant to start racing, but after I stop running marathons and ultra-marathons several years earlier, I was starting to get that desire to challenge myself again physically and mentally beyond normal group rides.
Favorite Part of Racing: The adrenaline rush!
Favorite Race Type: I enjoy both Crit and Road races.
Favorite bike food: Tailwind Endurance Fuel
Advice to new racers: Bike handling skills is the one thing you should be proficient at before you start racing. 2. You can learn a lot from novice and veteran racers a like just by listing to how they handle themselves during different race situations.

Trey Smith
Bike: BMC Road Racer
USA Cycling Category: Cat 5
Why did you start racing: I started riding for fun and fitness and one thing led to another.
The team dynamic. I did triathlon for many years and loved it but missed the community aspect.
FavoFavorite Race Type: Road race
Favorite bike food: Trader Joe’s granola bars
Advice to new racers: Show up and ride. Ask questions. Everyone is more than happy to share what they have learned along the way.